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Trick or Treat Oct. 25


Springfield Raceway will be having our Wolfmans House of Screams Tribute to Reggie Pippin Wolfmans House of Screams Safe Trick or Treat for Breast Cancer Night presented by Buds Tire & Wheel & Wildcat Rentals Saturday , October 25th.The WAR Impact Non Winged Sprintcars will be heading the card on this night along with A Mods $500 to win $90 to start , B Mods $600 to win $45 to start , Midwest Modzs $175 to win $35 to start , Legends $225 to win $35 to start, Pure Stock $175 to win $ 30 to start.All kids wearing a costume from real Little bitty ones to age 12 will receive FREE General Admission.Adult General admission tickets are $15.00 , Seniors $13.00. All of the Wildcat Rentals , Buds Tire & Wheel & Wolfmans House of Screams rain out tickets may be redeemed on this night.Some point during the night we will have a Trick or Treat walk for the kids behind the grandstands.Prizes , Cash , Candy, Cupcakes , & more cash will be given away all night long to kids ....all night long.There will be a boys best Costume Contest & a Girls best Costume Contest with Cash Prizes to each winner ...WE NEED AREA BUSINESSES TO HELP OUT .....I ASK YOU TO BRING A TABLE IF YOU WOULD & SOME CANDY TO HAND OUT TO KIDS AT INTERMISSION....BOOOOO......we will give each business setting up 1 FREE grandstand ticket for helping out....BOOOOO...

Pit Gate opens : 12:00

Grandstands : 1:30

Hot laps : 2:00

Racing : 3:00



As I say....we juss never know what tomorrow may or may not bring.....Reggie Pippin came by my shop last summer , he asked me if he could talk with me. I sayed sure.He sayed can we go in the office & set down. I sayed sure.Reggie sayed ...Jerry I got something to ask of you & I thought ...O...man what's this. He said Jerry I have cancer & I am not doing good & I have a favor to ask & he got real serious. I am not expected to live long....maybe a month , maybe a year & as you know Jerry ...I Love Racing & I Love my Spook House.I sayed yes Reggie I do know that.He said Jerry i watch what you have done at the Track & I want to be a part of the Springfield Raceway after I pass on. I sayed you aren't going anywhere Reggie .He sayed Yes i am Jerry & then things got real serious .He says ...Yes Jerry I won't be here long & I am Ready ......My life is in order & soon it will be time. We talked for a little while & I said that's good Reggie i am glad you are ready & that you believe.It liked to locked me up. I had a big lump in my throat & had to breathe juss a little before I could talk.Reggie then sayed after I die I would like you to have a Race each year to help promote my Love for Racing & My Love for the Spook House.....

Reggie ol buddy I will keep my promise in October.We will have our

Wolf mans House of Screams at Springfield Raceway in Honor of Reggie Reggie Pippin

RIP...Reggie Pippin...

January 22,1959-January 12,2014

Prelude to the Turkey Bowl Nov. 1


Prelude to Turkey Bowl VIII
Saturday November 1....
$1000 to win $100 start. Entry $25
B mods:
B Mod Rules: USRA ,IMCA Northern,IMCA Southern,Wissota,NCRA,
$600 to win $60 to start.entry $25
Midwest Modzs
$175 to win $30 to start
$200 to start $30 to start
Pure stocks
$150 to win $30 to start
A Mods
$500 to win $80 to start
Pit gate : 11:00
Grandstands: 12:30
Hotlaps : 1:00
Racing : 2:00

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Jack Sullivan Wins 2012 Turkey Classic

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